📰How to Run Ads

1. Advertisement Proposal (1.5 weeks before)

  • Please share the purpose, duration, and budget of your advertisement to receive an appropriate proposal.

  • We will provide a proposal based on the campaign details, recommending the most suitable media and products.

2. Booking Confirmation, Contract, and Billing (1 week before)

  • Please submit the advertising contract and placement application.

  • Please transfer the advertising fee to Fluvi Ads.

3. Review and Setup (5 days before)

  • Please provide the advertising materials (images, text) and the landing URL for the ad setup.

  • Fluvi Ads will conduct a review of the materials and perform accrual tests.

  • Upon passing the review and accrual tests, we will proceed with the ad setup.

4. Ad Execution

  • After the ad setup is finalized, we will provide you with details for cross-checking and a URL where you can monitor the report.

  • We will monitor the ad to ensure it functions properly.

5. Ad Termination

  • Once the allocated budget is exhausted, we will conclude the advertisement campaign.

  • We'll provide you with a comprehensive report on the advertising results.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us directly.

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