Easy Batch Transaction (TX Cart)

The batch transaction feature is one of the signature features of smart contract wallets that utilize account abstraction. Fluvi Wallet has created a unique interpretation of this batch transaction feature. Instead of simply collecting transactions between users and processing them as a batch, a single user can now create and use various batched transactions.

Before processing a transaction on Fluvi Wallet, you can always choose to sign and process it immediately or put it into the TX cart. You can check transactions in the cart at any time, and stacked transactions can be rearranged or deleted at will.

By batching transactions into a cart, users not only save on gas fees but also reduce the number of clicks and time required. Even the processing of transactions for multiple wallets in one chain at once via TX Cart will be available in the near future.

The possibilities are endless, and itโ€™s up to you to utilize them!

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