🎉Welcome to Fluvi Wallet

Fluvi Wallet is a cutting-edge non-custodial wallet leveraging Account Abstraction (AA) technology, crafted to mitigate the uncertainties and inconveniences often faced by both experienced Web3 enthusiasts and newcomers.

Fluvi Wallet

Fluvi Wallet effectively addresses the major entry barriers of the existing Web3 ecosystem, both in terms of security and convenience.

Through various unique features of Fluvi Wallet, both Web2 and Web3 users can experience Web3 services in a safe and user-friendly manner.

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Fluvi Ads

Fluvi Ads is an innovative solution for the unreasonable and inefficient Web3 marketing industry.

Through the sponsored transaction feature provided by Fluvi Wallet, advertisers can subsidize users' transaction fees and promote their services.

This reward advertising system operates through Fluvi Wallet's unique solution, enabling the execution of predictable and actual performance-based marketing strategies.

Users, in turn, can access Web3 services at a reduced cost and gain information on a broader range of Web3 services.

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