๐Ÿ”ทAccount Abstraction

Fluvi Wallet utilizes Account Abstraction (AA) technology proposed in EIP-4337 to resolve various issues in traditional wallet services and embodies all the features suggested by account abstraction. Being ERC-4337 compatible, and in close collaboration with Pimlico, a leading public bundler company founded by an ERC-4337 proposer, Fluvi Wallet ensures high compatibility and expands user options.

While the basic features, such as gasless transactions and social recovery, have vast room for improvement when applied directly, Fluvi proactively addresses this by offering many unique convenience features tailored specifically to Fluvi Wallet.

EIP-4337 Compatibility

Itโ€™s always great to see industry standards for Account Abstraction being created and making a huge movement. The Fluvi team believes that open source standards that are developed by key players in the market are very important and can have a big impact and change the trend of the market. For example, the current standard bundler model for EIP-4337 is rapidly evolving through this process.

We welcome any opportunity to contribute to the industryโ€™s standardization while improving the service experience, and we have developed Fluvi Wallet to be compatible with the EIP-4337 standard. Our upgradeable structure allows us to always adopt an approach that is compatible with the 4337 standard, and if it leads to the best user experience, which is our top priority, we will do so.

Currently, Fluvi Wallet is designed to provide services through public bundlers that follow the EIP-4337 standard first. After that, we aim to provide choice so that customers who are sensitive to this aspect donโ€™t feel inconvenienced but still naturally choose the premium relayers for better features, optimized fees, etc.

Gasless Transaction

The Gasless Transaction feature means that users donโ€™t always have to pay their transaction fees with the mainnetโ€™s native token. Fluvi Wallet provides features that allow users to pay all gas fees with their preferred ERC-20 token, stablecoins on any chain based on the cross-chain gas tank solution, and later more options such as credit card payments and monthly gas fee subscriptions. The gasless transaction feature improves the user experience of entering the blockchain ecosystem by solving concerns about gas fees, which are one of the biggest barriers to Web3.

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