📨Receive & Send

Receiving Crypto Assets

1. You can check and copy your wallet address from the 'Receive' button or within the wallet selection window.

2. You can receive crypto assets by sending them to this wallet address. Please ensure that the blockchain used for the transaction is supported by Fluvi Wallet. Assets sent on an unsupported chain cannot be accessed.

Sending Crypto Assets

1. You can send crypto assets using the 'Send' button or the shortcut '/' +'send'.

2. You can either send a single token or use the Multi-send feature to send multiple tokens at once.

3. Confirm the blockchain you're sending on, the amount of the asset, and the wallet address.

4. Pay the gas fee using the balance in your 'Gas Tank' or use the gas token in your wallet as a network fee. Occasionally watch the provided ads and receive special discounts on network fees!

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