Linea Voyage with Fluvi Wallet

The public beta service of Fluvi Wallet will begin with the Linea Voyage campaign being run on the Linea testnet. Linea is a developer-ready zk rollup developed and powered by ConsenSys. The Linea Voyage is a series of weekly challenges and opportunities that allow users to explore the Linea ecosystem while helping our engineering team validate and harden the testnet.

Fluvi Wallet is participating in the Linea Voyage, hosted by Galxe, as a smart contract wallet partner based on Account Abstraction, giving users the chance to experience a variety of exciting and powerful features.

We will guide you through the tasks that can be completed through Fluvi Wallet during the Linea Voyage, as well as the methods for doing so.


For a smoother and more efficient Linea Voyage, Fluvi Wallet offers a one-stop guide. Experience everything from installation to connecting your wallet to complete Galaxy quests all in one place.

Try a more convenient and enjoyable quest journey with the powerful AA features of Fluvi Wallet.

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