Troubleshooting / FAQ

General Checklist for Mapping in Linea Voyage

  1. Are you using a desktop device and Chrome browser?

    • Fluvi Wallet currently offers all its features properly only in this environment. Features may not work properly in environments like Brave, Edge, Firefox, etc.

  2. Did you install Fluvi Wallet through the official Chrome Web Store, not a zip file or something like that?

    • You must install directly from the Chrome Web App Store for the login to work. We use this method to prevent app modification or abusing.

  3. Are you using the latest version?

  4. Are Fluvi Wallet and Metamask set to the Linea Testnet chain?

    • Fluvi Wallet is set to Linea Testnet by default. Make sure the Metamask you are trying to connect is also connected to Linea Testnet.

  5. Have you connected Fluvi Wallet with WalletConnect?

    • Connect Fluvi Wallet in the method mentioned in step 2. Be sure to turn off the "Set as Default Wallet" in the settings.

  6. Are each of the wallet addresses correctly connected?

    • Please confirm that the connection is correct for both the Fluvi Wallet and the Metamask addresses you found in step 6.

Troubleshooting for Mapping

I'm seeing an existing pairing or an invalid address issue.

Disconnect all connections, unlock your session in settings, restart your browser, and proceed with the rest of the process.

If the problem continues, you may try the following:

  • Try creating a new wallet within your current account. Sign out from the wallet after selecting the new wallet and going back to the original wallet, then sign in again. Proceed with the rest of the process.

Decoding Error message on mapping page:

Invalid fluviAddress

  • You may have connected Metamask at fluvi section instead of doing the wallet connect with fluvi.

Ownership check failed

  • Haven't made any transaction yet with Fluvi wallet.

Fluvi wallet already mapped

  • Already mapped.

It says I've already received the Faucet.

You cannot receive the Faucet again if you've already received it or tried to receive it again or if you've reset the wallet. If you want to use the wallet in question, receive ETH from another Faucet or externally.

It says it's an already connected Fluvi Wallet address.

: A Fluvi Wallet account can only be connected with one Metamask address. Create a new Fluvi Wallet account if you want to connect with another Metamask address.

The wallet has been disabled and needs Recovery.

This happens when you've reinstalled the wallet or want to use it on another device. If you didn't back up beforehand, the only option is to reset the wallet. In this case, you won't be able to use the existing wallet again. Please refer to the following for how to reset.

I proceeded with the recovery setting, but recovery doesn't work.

It could be a backup made before resetting your accounts. If you're sure the backed-up account is correct but recovery doesn't proceed, please contact our Discord community.

After mapping, will the completed Quest be unlocked when a new wallet is connected again?

The mapping information always keeps the last Fluvi Wallet address connected to Galxe.

General Checklist for Using dApps

  1. Did you connect to the dApp in the correct way?

    • PancakeSwap, Velocore: WalletConnect

    • Compound, SushiSwap: Turn on the "Set as Default Wallet" option, then refresh and connect with Metamask for use.

Troubleshooting for Using dApps

It says recovery is required

If you reinstall the wallet or try to use it on a different device, you need to authorize the newly installed Fluvi Wallet. If you cannot authorize from the previously connected device, or perform "Emergency Recovery", then "Account Reset" is required.

If you proceed "Account Reset", you will lose all assets in your existing account. Please make sure you cannot recover them before doing so.

  1. Check if you are using the latest version of Fluvi Wallet. You can check the current version of Fluvi Wallet in the upper right corner of the unlock screen or in the About tab in Settings.

  2. If your version is lower than the version published in the Crome Web Store, turn on developer mode in the Extensions setting in Chrome and update your app.

  3. Click on the Account tab in Settings and execute Reset Account.

  4. After the reset, launch Fluvi Wallet again to onboard as you did the first time. If there is a device registration popup, "Cencel" it. This is from the device before the reset and should not be done.

What to be aware of when retrying mapping

  1. After resetting, revisit

  2. Go to step 2 and check that you have a connected wallet. If a wallet is already connected from step 2, disconnect it and reconnect to ensure that your new wallet address is displayed.

  3. If you have already received the faucet before, you cannot receive it again. Currently, you must obtain ETH through other means and leave a transaction in order to complete Mapping.

Transaction pop-up does not work.

pageGuide: Connect to dApps with Wallet Connect

As described in the guide above, WalletConnect does not technically support transaction pop-ups. Please refer to the guide and check the badge on the Fluvi Wallet Icon and Notification tab.

For a user experience with pop-ups, you need to set Fluvi Wallet as a default wallet and use it as if you are connecting MetaMask. Please refer to the above section "Can't connect to dApp / WalletConnect is not working".

I canโ€™t send transaction due to โ€œ0 Gas Estimation and Unknown Errorโ€.

Most instances where gas estimation appears as 0, or transactions can't be processed due to an 'unknown error', stem from instability issues with the bundler and the network. We're currently experiencing high gas fees and unstable network conditions due to the sheer number of users trying Linea Voyage. Please be assured that we're monitoring the situation closely, working with our partners and working tirelessly to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. If you encounter such problems, we recommend waiting a bit before trying to complete the quest again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Can't connect to dApp / WalletConnect is not working

Most of the problems you encounter when interacting with dApps through Fluvi Wallet are likely related to WalletConnect. Fluvi Wallet supports dApp use via Wallet Injection, so try to solve the problem through this.

  1. Go to Settings (Left sidebar or search in the top bar)

  2. Turn on the "Set as Default Wallet" option in the Extension part

  3. Refresh and proceed with MetaMask connection

  4. If connected to the Fluvi Wallet's address, use the dApp

  5. (Option) Disable the "Set as default wallet" option after use

If the option is not disabled, all MetaMask connections will be connected to Fluvi Wallet.

I want to use the wallet on another device

Fluvi Wallet offers convenient multi-device synchronization through keychain technology. Please check the link below for more information.

I cannot complete quests on Galxe

Once the mapping is complete, Galxe periodically updates, which can take some time, so you should wait and revisit later. On the Voyage page, you can check the last update time by hovering over the verify button.

The quests on the dApp that can currently be completed using Fluvi Wallet

  • PancakeSwap

  • Velocore

  • Compound

  • SushiSwap

This means that only quests from dApps that are sponsored by Fluvi Wallet are confirmed to be achievable. Please proceed with quests of other dApps first through MetaMask and complete them in Galxe. Do not expect that if you have completed tasks with Fluvi Wallet for dApps other than those mentioned above, they will necessarily be reflected.

Bug report

Please use the Bug Report page from the sidebar or contact us through our Discord community.

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